Today we had a visitor come to our school,
Her name was Ceri and she was a meteorologist, she came to explain to us climate change.
I walked away knowing a number of things like...
Out of 100 scientists 97% of the scientists agreed that humans are the main corse of global warming, we do have another contributor which is a your probably thinking "how is a cow a contributor to global warming?", well they are a contributor because well... when they fart it's lets out a gas called methane which then goes into the atmosphere but cows are not the biggest contributor.
If someone came to your house and made it 1° or 2° hotter would u move house? Probably not but for Marin life if there home which is the sea, got 1° or 2° hotter they would have to move and find a completely different home! How crazy is that! And that fish that had to move would probably upset the food chain.


Do you know what it means to be resilience? Being resilience means that for example if you where trying to do a handstand but you kept on failing you wouldn't give up you would keep on trying in over words you would be Resilient.
So this morning we performed tittaniman by sia, we chose this song because tittaniman represented resilience. Just in case you don't know tittaniman in a type of metal that can be bullet proof if it is thick.
I have been resilient when I was trying to do a front hand spring, at the start I couldn't do it but I was resilient I and I eventually got it.

Today we had to get a picture story book and try to figer out the theme. Just in case u don't know what a theme is it's a message from the author of the book, So I chose O͟͟l͟͟l͟͟i͟͟e͟͟ A͟͟n͟͟d͟͟ T͟͟h͟͟e͟͟ W͟͟i͟͟n͟͟d͟͟ .The book is about a boy called Ollie that lives on an island, the wind keeps on taking his items, the boy couldn't understand why the wind was taking is items but he kept on trying to finger it out at the end he figured that the wind just wanted to play.
So I think the message was that even if things don't make sense keep on trying to work it out.


For the past few weeks as the Olympics were on we have been looking at the  Olympic tallies, our goal was to look a the past Olympic tally and have an guess of who will come in the top 10. Watch the video to see what I did.


As the person in front of me just disappeared I was hesitating to go down. All I could feel was fear. I could smell the dusty smell of the overalls and I could taste the fear in me. I was holding on to the bar with my sweaty hands,1,2,3 and I was off screaming thought the air. As I got to the bottom I couldn't speak I was just sitting for a few seconds like a rock.