G͙o͙l͙d͙ G͙r͙e͙a͙t͙s͙.

At school we have been learning about when the first fleet came to federation.We had to choose a time between Federation and first fleet and I choose the gold.Once I chose the gold rush we had to chooses a charter in that time I chose Anastasia Ellen Clacey with that charter we had to get some information and with that information we had to make a yarn here is my yarn.

Hello There i'm Anastasia Hayes seeing those poor gold field workers working so hard for there family's and they even had to pay the greedy authorities is something that I will never forget. It was so unfair they where trying to help there family's trying to get gold for food and water and all those greedy authorities thought about was money when they were already wealthy.
I was none as a firebrand around gold fields I was none as a firebrand because I was constantly complaining about how the miners were getting treated by the authorities and after a while I couldn't take it anymore watching my husband and all his mates get pushed around by the authorities,so I advised them to get together and stand up,that's when I told my husband to take lead of the people standing up to the gold fields after a while he became the chairman.
On the 29 of November on bakery hill he chaired the monster meeting which set the scene for the Eureka relabel on.
After awhile the relabel crushed.Anastasia was put in the forefront of the

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